Legit proofs

Here we have some info about us, which you can verify by yourself:

1. We are oldest active CS:GO boosting service, in business since 2016(known before as cheeseboost) In 5 Years of our service we got into very deep cs:go and ranking system knowledge
1.1. You can find proof for that on our Steam Group (Creation date), and our websites were saved by web archive [.eu] [.tk]
1.2. Also some of our old sale posts are still archived on forums and other external sites: [1] [2] [3]
1.3. Some videos on our youtube channel are uploaded over 2 years ago
2. Some users left feedback about our services in comments on our steam group, some comments are even older than 3 years!
3. Our site has SSL and HTTPS Security standards
4. We own dedicated boosting and network servers, so we can boost clients worldwide,
also we can provide you with our private VPN to avoid high ping and long search time for players from other continents
We had no problems taking orders from Australia, USA, Brasil, and other distant locations
5. We have multiple Accounts that have over 5000 Wins on matchmaking and over 2000 on wingman
6. We Have High Sale Score on Allegro (Polish eBay)

Terms of Service

1. Refunds and Exchanges:
1.1. You can change your order if it was not:
a) Prefabricated (ex: Custom orders for Accounts; Wingman boosting minimal order[becouse we have to get ranks before starting wingmanBoost, more here])
b) Used (ex: Ordered 3 MM ranks, played 1 match, wants to change to wingman = 1 Rank that was started boosting has to be finished, rest can be changed becouse it was not used)
c) Booked/Preordered (ex: Booking for boosting = We reserve time in which we place next clients to later time; Account preorder = same thing as prefabrication)
d) Account (After you logged onto account, we have no way of checking didin't you break community or game rules or have you used cheats in game)

1.2. You can refund your order if you meet all requirements from (1.1.) and if payment method supports it, payment methods which are not able to be refunded:
a) Skins (You will get other skin due to 7-Day hold, with processing fee deducted from its value[1.3.])
b) PaySafeCard, Wallet Codes, Steam Cards, Doladowania (Codes are one time use)
c) CD-KEYs/Steam Gifts (Games get linked to account it was used on)

1.3. All refunds deduct processing fees(8%) and transfer fees(Depends on method, for cryptocurrencies you choose amount of miner fee, outgoing bank transfer fee is 3euro)

2. Bookings and reservations:
2.1. Only prepaid bookings are guaranteed
2.2. If you not come at booked time your order will be moved to end of queue

3. Order processing time / Delivery time
Order processing time is sum of time required by these steps:
a) Payment method (We only process orders for which payment has been confirmed as recived)
b) Waiting queue And Support priority (More info here)
c) Order:

Service Time info
MM Boosting 8 Min per match
2 Min search time
3-5 Matches per rank
Wingman Boost 6 Min per match
8 Min search time
Hour Boost (Without mobile token) 2 Min to activate
Hour Boost (With mobile token) First use with token requires calibration
Calibration takes up to 2 days
Reportbot packets 2 Min to send
Steam accounts (Market) About 30 Min for in-stock accounts
(+Remember that ranked non-prime accounts are not
actively used by us, so we have to get rank back on them)
Account exchange First acc - 20Min
Every next - 5Min
(Time may vary depending on amount of paperwork required)
Card Sets(Steam Level UP) Mixed/Random(And festive sets) - 20 Min/100 Sets
Unique - Depends on badges you currently have
CD-KEYS Mixed/Random - Depends on stock, near instant
Unique - Depends on games you currently have
Community Boosting 1 Min = 15 Automatic actions
2 Min = 1 Manual action
Commendations 5 Min = 20 Commends

4. Emergency procedures (Griefing, Ignoring Boosters, Breaking lobby rules):
a) Boosting: Griefing Client order is moved to end of queue
It's forbidden to play matches oudside of boost while having active rank boosting order
That means if you postponed your rank boost (doesn't apply to winboost) you can't play
oudside of our lobby while your order is not finished, breaking this rule cancels your order
(can be resumed for paying extra equivalent of 2 wins from current prices)
[explaination: Some clients use scam tactic to leave after boosting one match and play derank games
before joining back to boosting lobby so they get more wins becouse they need longer to rank up after derank games]
b) Account exchange(disabled due to unfair traders chargebacking banned accounts.): If you want to buy your account back, you will be charged for:
*1. Value of service you exchanged it for
*2. CD-KEYs/Gifts/Steam Levels and everything else that we used on that account from our money
*3. Time of our support used to perform exchange and required procedures (Fixed value of 1 Euro)
If Your account gets refunded by steam support, we will post login and proof on our site,
We will also make blacklist report on trade forums, so that noone else gets scammed using this account
c) Livechat (More Rules here): User who abuses livechat sessions on purpose will be banned from livechat for 2 Days
According to local laws we can't refuse service to anyone without reason, but we are also not obligated to use calculator for you.
Our service type does not require us to provide any special threatment for users who are not able to read or use calculator on their own
d) Hourboost: If you deauthenticate/change password days are still counted
Each change of settings removes 5 days of hourboost
Month = 31 days, first month is 29 due to initial change in configuration

5. Work time is listed on left side of every page, info about planned or ongoing technical maintenances is shown in livechat page

6. Accepted payment methods are listed below, along with info regarding use of them.

Payment info

Here we have info on all payment methods

Method Price Info
### Main Accepted Payment Methods ###
EU Bank Transfer (SEPA) Listed on tables Works only in Europe, Takes one work day to confirm, fees depend on your bank
Revolut (SEPA) Same as bank transfer Works with all Revolut accounts, takes up to 4 work days to confirm, 0.5-1% fee when converting currencies other than EUR/PLN
Western union Same as Bank transfer Same as Bank transfer, client covers transaction fees
Bank Transfer Oudside EU
(Swift/Wire transfer)
Listed on tables You propably rather want to look at buying cryptocurrency instead of making wire transfer
In many countries sending wire transfer can be twice as expensive as boost you want to order
MasterCard, Visa Listed on tables

Else: Price of bank transfer +30% fee
Payments are processed by external company Dotpay sp. z o.o..
We also require additional KYC proofs from your bank
Daily card payment limit is 30Eur per user
All card payments are processed in PLN(prices given in EUR are converted to PLN by current exchange rate),
your bank handles and determines fees of conversion to PLN from your currency
Cryptocurrencies Listed on tables Cheapest and fastest payment method worldwide
Help, info, and guides below
Steam Cards
Wallet codes
Listed on tables

Else: 2x price of PaySafeCard in Euros
You can get these in real life stores, currency and region locks don't matter,
If paid in other currency than Euros has to be equal in converted value
Takes Up to 3h To confirm due to paperwork involved in accepting virtual funds with no real coverage
(So if You need to get your payment confirmed quicker use PaySafeCard instead.)
You can get these in real life stores, Minimal order value is 25 Euro 1 Euro
If paid in other currency than euros additional fee will be added. Fee/exchange calculator here
CS:GO Skins
Steam Items
Other Game items
Total value of all items in trade (You don't need to exactly one item of exact value)
Dota and PUBG items are not accepted, you can exchange them for keys on trade forums
We are not giving change in skins due to recent update that brought 7-Day item locks, change will be noted for your next order
All trading economy rules apply when counting value of items - as of: applyed stickers loose market value, unique float adds value etc.
(also we take a additional price cut from stickers and float becouse we don't have guarantee that items will be sold at highest value,
we recommend you selling these skins for normal ones to make order process easier and price better for you)
Item value is declared by average low steam market buy price from last 30 days
CS:GO Case Keys
TF2 Mannco Keys
Keyvendor rate For low value keys(hydra etc) visit keyvendor for current rate, rate from keyvendor is counted as paid in bank transfer
Click here to check keyvendor rate, rate is listed in 'Buy price Exceptions'
(Poland only)
Kody PaySafeCard
Doładowania do PLUS lub PLAY
Podane w tabelkach

Gdy nie podane: cena przelewem +25%

Tylko kody zakupione na terenie Polski. Można łączyc kody - Możesz wysłać wiele kodów z resztkami i połączyć je w całość
Dla kodów PaySafeCard i Doładowań nie wydajemy reszty (ALE możesz wydać część funduszy z kodu zanim wyślesz go do nas.)
(Poland only)
Przelew Bankowy
Przelew na telefon Blik
Przelew/Przekaz pocztowy
Przelew z żabki/freshmarketu
Bankomat twojego banku Blik
Podane w tabelkach Nie boostujemy na potwierdzenia z Banku/Poczty/Żabki/Freshmarketu z uwagi na procedure STORNO
Zlecenie wykonujemy dopiero po zaksięgowaniu wpłaty na koncie
Nasze banki to mBank i Pekao, Obsługujemy natychmiastowe bezpłatne przelewy na telefon Blik
Przy wypłacie z bankomatu BLIK mamy możliwość bezpłatnego dojazdu do bankomatu twojej sieci aby ominąć koszt wypłaty
Zamiast poczty polecamy wysyłac przelewy z żabki/freshmarketu z uwagi na mniejsze kolejki i mniejszą prowizje operatora
### Unlisted Accepted Payment Methods ###
Steam Market Transfer Price in Skins+15% [Requireres Unlocked Steam Market + No ban in CS:GO on that account with steam money]
We sell 0.03$ item on Steam Market at price of your order, and thus make market transfer
Steam Gifts
(Counted as Payment in Wallet Codes) Lowest price to find online for that game
Steam Gems (Counted as Wallet Codes) Current exchange ratio: 550 Gems = 0.12€ in wallet codes
Steam Accounts
Account exchange
No longer accepted, thank everyone who chargebacked banned accounts...
More info on 'More?' Page in 'Banned accounts exchange' Section; Unbanned CS:GO doesn't add value becouse im not taking risk that account coud have cheats injected
Alipay giftcard
Using local banking payment
Recipt from bank required
Same as Bank transfer Only accepted if bought using bank transfer (not card), and you need to have valid payment recipt from your bank
Alipay supports moust Online banking operators worldwide
### Banned payment methods ###
PayPal We ended contract with PayPal in 2018, and we are not extending it due to change in seller protection policy that no longer covers services
Skrill Clients rarely use this payment method, also its problematic for new users due to hard verifications for payments
QiWi Clients rarely use this payment method, and its only avaible in few countries + Language Problem (Russian site)
Steam Store Wallet Gift According to steam subscriber agreement: *TLDR* If I accept your gift im also responsible for credibility of person i get it from
Which means that if that was bought illegaly i will also get community banned so that way im not only risking money but also account
Amazon gift Cards Can be bought using cards, thus is vulnerable to credit card frauds, Also Amazon doesn't sell in Poland anyway

If you want to pay with something thats not listed here ask our support and we will add it to this list

Cryptocurrency payment help and info

Accepted coins: BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, BTG, XMR, ZEC, BCH, FTC, and more
If you try to decide which coin to buy go for LTC -- it has fastest transfer times and cheapest fees

Here we have info on how to buy cryptocurrencies

Method Pros Cons Info
Bitcoin ATM No verification process
Cash to bitcoin, fast and easy
Only in major cities Moust bigger cities have Bitcoin ATMs, which exchange real money to bitcoins and vice versa
Problem is that not every city has it and that you need to find it irl
Local Online Exchanger
(Exchange sites in your country)
Supports local online bankings ID verifications often take more time You can find list of local online exchangers here
(And you will propably find more online, becouse i already see that 3 trusted exchangers from my country are not listed here)
Local private exchangers
(example: localbitcoins)
Often fastest way
Often don't need verification for local bank transfers, example site with private exchanger posts: localbitcoins
(Buying with power)
Can make profit
Free space heating included
Pool takes less fee than exchanger
Needs decent GPU
Takes time
GPUs make noise
Sometimes you can basicly buy cryptocurrencies with power (as stupid as it sounds, people actually often do it)
Visit whattomine to check which coin to mine and how much will you "buy" per day
always check with your power price, if amount you spend on power is more than you get for more than 8% difference this is not a way
Global Online Exchanger
(Exchange sites of other country)
Fast ID verification
Often have 24/7 support
Often put money on hold
Payment fees from card operator/Bank
Worst way to buy bitcoins in my opinion, you will often get onto problems like money hold
Only reason to choose this one is when your country has no trusted local exchangers and no trusted sellers on localbitcoins

Wingman boost info

1. Wingman is played in same way as matchmaking boosting with some differences:

1.1. Wingman search time takes longer than on matchmaking due to 2 vs 2 player scheme, which makes it harder for us to balance ranks,
with only 2 accounts to change in loosing team and one in winning (other one is client) we have no lobby space to balance rank difference

1.2. Wingman enemy accounts are not always ranked global due to difficult rank balancing and inactivity (more info in point 3)

2. Wingman is paid per win, instead of per rank, becouse majority of players is below 40 wins,
so we had to prevent unfair pricing for high win accounts that woud get upranks faster than low win accounts and pay same amount for rank
(best example is how 10win* LEM needs to win 11 games for supreme becouse 21win* is minimal for supreme, and 31wins* is minimal for global)
*by win i mean total wins in wingman on that account

3. Minimal order was placed due to low clients interest in boosting this mode, Which leads our accounts to get rank expired (from inactivity)
before there is next order for wingman boost, So we often have to run some matches to get ranks back before making your order
to at least able to find match, and not play versus unranked accounts, also this is another reason for point 1.2

Info about our safety precautions on steam

We don't give links to both our private and market accounts for safety precautions against manual bans
(Only exception is when your order is already paid, or you are verified customer.)
Also for accounts from market you won't see csgo rank/level/wins on steam profile!!!

Reasons for why we are not adding clients on steam:

1. Steam chat is not secure becouse it's saved by valve and used to judge community bans
2. We want to avoid scams trying to pretend to be our employee - WE WILL NEVER ADD YOU FIRST!
3. We want to avoid someone getting scammed using pseudo-middleman technic, example of what I mean:
*1. Scammer finds his victim and takes OUR tradelink saying to 'deposit skins here'
*2. Scammer visits our livechat telling us to accept friend request and then trade offer
*3. (Since I don't accept to friends) Victim shoud notice that someting is wrong if scammer doesn't want to add to friends
(This way We save someone from scam and help catching scammers online to make internet better place)
4. None of our employees uses steam seriously anyway, its mobile app chat is garbage, desktop client glitches, and chat goes down along with steam servers