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1. Moust questions you have are answered on site,
save your time by reading it instead of waiting for answer from our support

2. Describe your order/question in first message to speed up support process
moust importantly: what you want to order, which payment method you want to use, and when you have time

3. Before placing order make sure that you have time to do it, and that your payment method is ready
(example: skins are tradable and you have mobile token OR that you have your psc/steamcard code with you)

4. Be patient and respect our time, you are not the only one using our services and everyone is threated equally
Spamming low effort attention messages like '??' 'Hello?' Will decrease your support priority

5. Don't ask for Steam links - We are not adding clients on Steam for safety (read more here)
And for market accounts You won't see csgo ranks/wins/levels from steam profile!

6. Our support only speaks English and Polish, Our work hours are listed on livechat page

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