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Steam Account

Account Type MM Rank CS:GO Level MM Wins CS:GO Hours Overwatch Access Prime Stock Price
Prime Account with 2019 Service medal The Global Elite 40+ 400+ 500h+ Yes Yes 3 80 Euro
Prime Account with 2020 Service medal The Global Elite 40+ 400+ 500h+ Yes Yes 0 60 Euro
Prime Account Standard Wins and Hours The Global Elite 21+ 150+ 70h+ Yes Yes 0 40 Euro
CS:GO Ranked Account Global Elite The Global Elite 3+ 31+ 8h+ No No 0 25 Euro
CS:GO Ranked Account Supreme Supreme 3+ 21+ 6h+ No No 0 20 Euro
CS:GO Ranked Account LEM Legendary Eagle Master 3+ 10+ 2h+ No No 0 15 Euro
MM Ready Level 2 Account Unranked 2 0 14Min+ No No 0 3 Euro


We have unlimited supply for CS:GO Accounts, restocks are usually made every 2 weeks

Our CS:GO accounts were activated using Steam Gifts, and they are working on every region.
Ranks and levels were achieved on our vertigoboost without cheats, external software or exploits
Accounts were never registered or used in any leagues like Faceit, ESEA, ESL, SoStronk, etc.
Accounts don't have VAC/Matchmaking/Untrusted/Server/Community/Overwatch/other Bans
We provide first email on which account was made for every account you buy from us
Accounts never used any payment method or CDkey - so you will have first proof of purchase
You can change all login and account details (Password, Email, Phone number, etc.)