Wingman boost info:

1. Wingman is played in same way as matchmaking boosting with some differences:

1.1. Wingman search time takes longer than on matchmaking due to 2 vs 2 player scheme, which makes it harder for us to balance ranks,
with only 2 accounts to change in loosing team and one in winning (other one is client) we have no lobby space to balance rank difference

1.2. Wingman enemy accounts are not always ranked global due to difficult rank balancing and inactivity (more info in point 3)

2. Wingman is paid per win, instead of per rank, becouse majority of players is below 40 wins,
so we had to prevent unfair pricing for high win accounts(accounts under 31wins need 10 wins for supreme, and another 10 for global)

3. Minimal order was placed due to low clients interest in boosting this mode, Which leads our accounts to get rank expired (from inactivity)
before there is next order for wingman boost, So we often have to run some matches to get ranks back before making your order
to at least able to find match, and not play versus unranked accounts, also this is another reason for point 1.2